American Gods

American Gods


Neil Gaiman

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Mama-ji (Kali) Character Analysis

An Indian Goddess who supports Mr. Wednesday’s complaints against the New Gods but does not want to start a violent war. Mama-ji specifically notes the differences between her form in America and her form in India, explaining that the Indian version of this goddess is far more powerful because she is worshipped more. Mama-ji offers a voice of reason and peace, though she recognizes that gods in America have a tougher life than gods in other parts of the world.
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Mama-ji (Kali) Character Timeline in American Gods

The timeline below shows where the character Mama-ji (Kali) appears in American Gods. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 6
Mythology, Belief, and Community Theme Icon
Change and Growth Theme Icon
Life, Death, Desire, and Sacrifice Theme Icon
Deception Theme Icon
Plurality and the Power of the Individual in America Theme Icon
The Sacredness of American Land Theme Icon
...should band together and fight against the New Gods. A woman in a red sari, Mama-ji, stands and protests that Wednesday is just looking for his own glory, and that the... (full context)
Mythology, Belief, and Community Theme Icon
Change and Growth Theme Icon a restaurant near the House on the Rock. On his second trip, Shadow drives Mama-ji and a young man with a chest shaped oddly like a barrel, who hums the... (full context)