American Gods

American Gods


Neil Gaiman

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The Unknown God Character Analysis

A god that Mr. Wednesday meets in Las Vegas, who is associated with money, wealth, and chance, but somehow slips out of people’s minds. Shadow can never remember who he is and no mortal can see or remember interacting with him. Gaiman has famously refused to say who the Unknown God is supposed to represent.
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The Unknown God Character Timeline in American Gods

The timeline below shows where the character The Unknown God appears in American Gods. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10
Mythology, Belief, and Community Theme Icon
Change and Growth Theme Icon
The Sacredness of American Land Theme Icon freely, not really expecting anything in return. A man in a charcoal suit ( The Unknown God ) oversees everything, walking down the Vegas strip, soaking up the beauty of the money... (full context)
Deception Theme Icon in a light grey suit (Wednesday) follows the man in the charcoal suit ( The Unknown God ), sitting down at the bar next to him. The man in the light grey... (full context)