American Psycho

American Psycho


Bret Easton Ellis

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American Psycho Characters

Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman is the novel’s protagonist and narrator. He is a 27-year-old Harvard graduate who now lives in New York City and works on Wall Street as an investment banker. He religiously watches “Theread analysis of Patrick Bateman

Paul Owen

A fellow Wall Street investment banker, Paul Owen manages “the Fisher account,” a fact Patrick Bateman obsesses over, though the reader never learns the significance of this particular account. Paul confuses Bateman for Marcus Halberstamread analysis of Paul Owen

Evelyn Richards

Evelyn is Patrick Bateman’s fiancée. Though the two of them are both unhappy in their relationship and Bateman quite often treats Evelyn rather cruelly, they stay together largely for appearances. Like Bateman, Evelyn is… read analysis of Evelyn Richards

Courtney Lawrence

Courtney, one of Evelyn’s closest friends, is in a highly-unfulfilling relationship with Luis Carruthers and having an ongoing affair with Patrick Bateman. In contrast to Evelyn, Courtney is often out on the town… read analysis of Courtney Lawrence


Jean is Patrick Bateman’s secretary, or, as he refers to her, “my secretary who is in love with me.” She does, indeed, seem to care deeply for Bateman, doting on him in the office… read analysis of Jean
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Luis Carruthers

A closeted gay man and Wall Street colleague of Patrick Bateman’s, Luis Carruthers is the boyfriend of Courtney Lawrence, who seems highly uninterested in the relationship. Later in the novel, when Bateman attempts… read analysis of Luis Carruthers

David Van Patten

David Van Patten is a fellow Wall Street banker and another member of Patrick Bateman’s main social circle. He has a girlfriend who he regularly cheats on and is the first person the reader… read analysis of David Van Patten
Minor Characters
Timothy Price
Timothy Price is a fellow Wall Street banker and a member of Patrick Bateman’s main social circle, which includes Price, Bateman, Craig McDermott, and David Van Patten. He is often aggressive and angry, homophobic, and always seeking attention and validation from others.
Craig McDermott
Craig McDermott is a fellow Wall Street banker and another member of Patrick Bateman’s main social circle. He is well-connected, often able to score reservations at exclusive restaurants, and, like his friends, is interested in attractive women, who he discusses and treats as nothing more than objects.
Sean Bateman
Patrick Bateman’s younger brother who is similarly wealthy, materialistic, and concerned with status, fashion, and power.
Mrs. Bateman
Patrick Bateman’s mother, who seems to live in an assisted living facility of some kind.
Donald Kimball
The detective hired to investigate Paul Owen’s murder.
Harold Carnes
Patrick Bateman’s lawyer.
A homeless man who Patrick Bateman attacks.
Patrick Bateman’s ex-girlfriend from Harvard, and one of his murder victims.
A prostitute Patrick Bateman hires but does not kill.
A prostitute Patrick Bateman hires multiple times and eventually kills; he gives her this name.
A woman Patrick Bateman takes on a date and murders.
A woman with whom Patrick Bateman has an affair.
Marcus Halberstam
Another Wall Street banker, for whom Paul Owen often mistakes Patrick Bateman.
Scott Montgomery
Another Wall Street banker; Patrick Bateman is mesmerized by his business cards.
Todd Hamlin
Another Wall Street banker.
Robert Farrell
Another Wall Street banker.
Taylor Preston
Another Wall Street banker.
George Reeves
Another Wall Street banker.
Another Wall Street banker.
Ted Madison
The coke dealer at Tunnel.
The Dry Cleaners
An older, Chinese couple; they clean Patrick Bateman’s blood-stained linens.
A cab driver who recognizes Patrick Bateman from a wanted poster and robs him.
A Camden student and friend of Evelyn Richards; Stash’s girlfriend.
A friend of Evelyn Richards; Vanden’s boyfriend.
Scott and Anne Smiley
Camden graduates and friends of Courtney Lawrence.
Tom Cruise
The movie star; he lives in Patrick Bateman’s building.
The rock star; Patrick Bateman and his friends attend his concert and, in a hallucination, he appears to Bateman as the devil.
A model Patrick Bateman goes on a date with.
A model Patrick Bateman goes on a date with.
The woman Patrick Bateman gets his facials from.
Alison Poole
A woman Patrick Bateman assaulted at the Kentucky Derby.