American Street

American Street


Ibi Zoboi

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American Street: Chapter 27 Summary & Analysis

Later that night, Fabiola pretends to jerk awake from a bad dream. She whisper-yells to Chantal that they can’t go to the party—according to Papa Legba, something bad is going to happen. Chantal calls Donna’s cellphone, and the twins appear to hear Fabiola’s news. Then, Pri gets up, looks out the window, and snaps to turn the lights off. Bad Leg is out there. Donna says that she’ll stay home if Fabiola says to. Pri scoffs, but Fabiola tells her that Vodou is real, not the “voodoo” of movies. Donna puts a hand on Fabiola’s cheek, whispers, “Ezili-Danto,” and refuses to go. Chantal grudgingly agrees and notes that the cops will be at the party anyway. Fabiola fixates on this. Detective Stevens will find the evidence she needs to arrest Dray.
Again, Fabiola draws on Vodou to manipulate the situation and protect her cousins from Detective Stevens. Now, the trap is set, and if all goes according to plan, Dray will walk right into it. For Donna, the small introduction to Ezili-Danto and Vodou seems to have had a positive effect. By connecting to this element of her heritage, Donna feels safer in the world and more confident moving through it. Just like Fabiola, Donna is able to rework her identity to allow for this part of Haitian culture.
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