An Artist of the Floating World


Kazuo Ishiguro

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A middle-aged woman who cares deeply about her father’s legacy, Akira Sugimora’s younger daughter comes to visit Ono to sell him her house. She and her older sister propose an “auction of prestige,” in which they will sell the house for a fixed price to the buyer whom they feel deserves the house. She comes to visit the house after the war. Ono is at first offended that she doesn’t seem to care about all that he has lost but grows to pity her after realizing that she has lost a great deal in the war too.

Miss Sugimora Quotes in An Artist of the Floating World

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Memory, Self-Perception, and Self-Deception Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Vintage edition of An Artist of the Floating World published in 1986.
October 1948 Quotes

Besides, there was surely much to admire in the idea of 'an auction of prestige', as the elder daughter called it. One wonders why things are not settled more often by such means. How so much more honourable is such a contest, in which one's moral conduct and achievement are brought as witnesses rather than the size of one's purse. I can still recall the deep satisfaction I felt when I learnt the Sugimuras — after the most thorough investigation — had deemed me the most worthy of the house they so prized.

Related Characters: Masuji Ono (speaker), Miss Sugimora
Page Number: 10
Explanation and Analysis:
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Miss Sugimora Character Timeline in An Artist of the Floating World

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October 1948
Family Reputation, Family Secrets, and Familial Loss Theme Icon
...after the “surrender” the younger of the two Sugimura sisters came to visit the house. Miss Sugimura hardly paid attention to Ono’s news that Michiko and their son Kenji had been killed.... (full context)
The Relevance of the Artist Theme Icon
City, Nation, History Theme Icon
...the war, especially the very beautiful corridor running alongside the garden to the eastern wing. Miss Sugimura was near tears at the sight, but Ono reassured her that he would repair it.... (full context)