An Astrologer’s Day


R. K. Narayan

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An Astrologer’s Day Characters

The Astrologer

The nameless protagonist of the story, the astrologer is not truly an astrologer, but a con man. He sets up shop each day beneath a tree in a market, wearing a priest’s garb and faceread analysis of The Astrologer

Guru Nayak

Guru Nayak is the man whom the astrologer tried to murder several years before the story takes place. Very little is said about Guru Nayak other than that he has left his village and gone… read analysis of Guru Nayak

The Astrologer’s Wife

Introduced only at the end of the story, the astrologer’s wife is pleased that her husband has brought home more money than usual from his day’s work. At the same time, she is shocked to… read analysis of The Astrologer’s Wife