Jeff VanderMeer

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The Biologist

The biologist is the narrator and protagonist of Annihilation. She is a solitary and analytical person, often preferring to study her environment rather than interact with other people. Growing up, she was something of… read analysis of The Biologist

The Biologist’s Husband

The biologist’s husband was a medic on the eleventh expedition. Prior to his leaving for the expedition, the biologist and her husband struggled in their relationship, because she was very reserved and he was… read analysis of The Biologist’s Husband

The Crawler

The Crawler is the creature writing the words in the Tower as it slowly descends the stairs. For much of the book, the Crawler lurks ominously in the background, relentlessly writing words on the walls… read analysis of The Crawler

The Psychologist

The psychologist is the leader of the twelfth expedition. She takes part in interviewing and screening the other women, and the biologist instantly dislikes her, since she asks the biologist invasive questions in the interviews… read analysis of The Psychologist

The Surveyor

The surveyor is one of the other women on the twelfth expedition. She comes from a military background and is inherently mistrustful of the others. The second time the surveyor and the biologist descend into… read analysis of The Surveyor
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The Anthropologist

The anthropologist is one of the members of the twelfth expedition into Area X. The anthropologist was formerly an architect, and the biologist reveals that she doesn’t think the anthropologist has the same kind of… read analysis of The Anthropologist

The Lighthouse Keeper

The biologist finds a picture in the lighthouse of an older man, whom she assumes was the lighthouse keeper before the Event that created the border around Area X. At the end of the book… read analysis of The Lighthouse Keeper
Minor Characters
The Linguist
The linguist is the fifth member of the twelfth expedition. During the screening process before leaving, the psychologist explains to the other women that the linguist had second thoughts and didn’t want to continue with the mission, though in hindsight, the biologist wonders if this was true.