Anxious People

Anxious People


Fredrik Backman

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Anxious People: Chapter 67 Summary & Analysis

Now, in the present, Jim has told Jack the truth. Because Jack is a good son, he works on coming up with a plan. He ushers the witnesses out the back door and then, ignoring Jim’s arguments, steps out the front and tells the reporters that he’s solely responsible for losing the bank robber. Jack takes the blame, and Jim feels awful. The detectives from Stockholm arrive the next morning and, since nobody was hurt and nothing was stolen, they return to Stockholm. Jim tells Jack he’s a good policeman and thinks (but doesn’t say) that Jack is an even better person. Grinning, Jack says that Jim isn’t a great officer, but he doesn’t say that he’s learned everything from him.
Jack’s actions show that it’s not just parents who sacrifice themselves for their children. In this situation, Jack sacrifices his reputation and his chance to impress his superiors in order to save his dad from getting in trouble. Still, the men seem perfectly happy with this outcome. They both admire the other, though for different reasons. And Jim also gets proof that he’s done a good job raising a kind, loyal, thoughtful son as he watches Jack gracefully take responsibility for the police response.
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