Ian McEwan

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Uncle Clem’s Vase

This Tallis family heirloom was given to Jack Tallis’s brother Clem to commemorate Clem’s liberation of a village near Verdun in World War I. Early in the book, while Cecilia and Robbie flirt, they accidentally… (read full symbol analysis)

The Trials of Arabella

The Trials of Arabella is the title of the play that Briony composes at the beginning of the novel and imperiously directs Lola, Jackson, and Pierrot to perform with her. At the end… (read full symbol analysis)

Amo Bars

Amo Bars are the candy manufactured by Paul Marshall’s family company, distributed to soldiers in World War II. Their presence on the battlefield acts as a reminder of Marshall’s power and influence, and demonstrates that… (read full symbol analysis)