Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man


James Weldon Johnson

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Booker T. Washington Term Analysis

A black activist, politician, and educator who was prominent and powerful from 1890 until 1915. Booker T. Washington was born into slavery less than a decade before emancipation and went on to the Hampton Institute before becoming a teacher and then the head of the Tuskegee Institute. He argued that black Americans should pursue gradual economic advancement and integration with white society through education, industrial training, and hard work rather than fighting discrimination and inequality. He famously feuded with W.E.B. DuBois, who instead argued that black activists should fight for political rights.
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Booker T. Washington Term Timeline in Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

The timeline below shows where the term Booker T. Washington appears in Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 11
Racism and the Color Line Theme Icon
Collective Progress and Individual Achievement Theme Icon
Music, Emotion, and American Culture Theme Icon
Secrecy, Purity, and Origins Theme Icon
...Hall. The students’ songs “awoke memories that left me sad.” The audience became enamored with Booker T. Washington ’s speech; his “earnestness and faith” was shared by “all of that small but gallant... (full context)