Babylon Revisited

Babylon Revisited Characters

Charlie Wales

Charlie Wales, 35, is the protagonist of “Babylon Revisited,” who has returned to Paris to regain custody of his daughter, Honoria. Charlie, Honoria, and Charlie’s wife, Helen, lived in Paris for two years… (read full character analysis)

Honoria Wales

Charlie’s nine-year-old daughter, Honoria, lives with Marion and Lincoln Peters and their two children in Paris, but she would rather go live with her father in Prague. She’s tactful and mature for her age, and… (read full character analysis)

Marion Peters

Marion Peters is Charlie’s sister-in-law, and the legal guardian of his daughter Honoria. She despises Charlie, seeing him as an irresponsible alcoholic who not only made Helen unhappy in life but who also bears… (read full character analysis)

Lincoln Peters

Lincoln Peters is Marion’s husband and Charlie’s brother-in-law. Lincoln provides a comfortable, upper-middle-class life for his family by working at a bank. He is a reasonable and good-natured man, and a loving and concerned husband… (read full character analysis)

Helen Wales

Helen is Charlie’s deceased wife. She and Charlie drank, travelled, and partied excessively together in the ‘20s. Her marriage to Charlie was strained during their time in Paris, marred by infidelities and arguments, and it… (read full character analysis)
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Duncan Schaeffer

An old friend of Charlie’s from college. Duncan is one of the few people left in Paris that Charlie knows from his time living there. Unlike Charlie, however, Duncan doesn’t seem to have sobered up… (read full character analysis)

Lorraine Quarrles

Lorraine is an old friend of Charlie’s from the time he lived in Paris. Though Charlie once found Lorraine very attractive, he avoids her now. When Lorraine and Duncan run into Charlie at lunch, Charlie… (read full character analysis)


The head barman at the Ritz. Charlie looks for Paul when he goes to the Ritz upon arriving in Paris, but, like all of Charlie’s old acquaintances, Paul is not there. A key figure… (read full character analysis)


A barman at the Ritz. Charlie talks to Alix at the beginning of the story, when he can’t find the head barman, Paul, at the bar. Alix fills Charlie in on the gossip about… (read full character analysis)