Before I Fall


Lauren Oliver

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Vicky Hallinan Character Analysis

A girl whom Lindsay bullied in fourth grade. Lindsay nearly ruined Vicky’s reputation forever by calling her fat. Though Vicky overcame the bullying and now is on the fridges of Lindsay and Sam’s social circle, no one has ever forgotten Lindsay’s cruel words about her. As Sam, Lindsay, Elody, and Ally crash their car on the night of Cupid Day, Sam finds herself shocked by the fact that she doesn’t see her life flash before her eyes in the moments before death, but rather sees only Vicky Hallinan’s miserable face on the day that Lindsay first bullied her publicly.
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Vicky Hallinan Character Timeline in Before I Fall

The timeline below shows where the character Vicky Hallinan appears in Before I Fall. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Fate vs. Agency Theme Icon
Popularity, Status, and Social Capital Theme Icon
...and Ally. Before she died, however, Sam thought only of one thing, of one person: Vicky Hallinan . (full context)
Popularity, Status, and Social Capital Theme Icon
Cruelty and Loyalty in Friendship and Love Theme Icon
Sam thought of a time in fourth grade when Lindsay announced that she didn’t want Vicky Hallinan on her dodgeball team because Vicky was too fat. Though Sam and Lindsay weren’t friends... (full context)
Fate vs. Agency Theme Icon
...had flipped off the road and into the woods. It was at that moment that Vicky Hallinan’s face “came rising out of the past,” and then Sam heard and felt nothing at... (full context)