Before We Were Yours

Before We Were Yours


Lisa Wingate

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Christine Character Analysis

The woman who gives birth to a stillborn child in the Prelude of the book. When Christine gives birth, the doctors give her drugs that make her forget everything. The doctors tell Christine’s father that she will never be able to have more children. When her father expresses his deep sorrow, they suggest he go see a woman in Memphis who can help. The woman turns out to be Georgia Tann, who sells them Judy Stafford, also a newborn.
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Christine Character Timeline in Before We Were Yours

The timeline below shows where the character Christine appears in Before We Were Yours. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Family Secrets Theme Icon
Child Trafficking, Heritage, and Rewriting History Theme Icon
...and the woman will never able to have children again. Distraught, the man says that Christine is his only child and that everyone had been so excited for the new baby.... (full context)
Chapter 23
Personal Identity Theme Icon
Family Secrets Theme Icon
Injustice and Class Divisions Theme Icon
Child Trafficking, Heritage, and Rewriting History Theme Icon
...and begins on August 3, 1939 in Baltimore, Maryland—Judy’s birthday and birthplace. Avery reads about Christine’s stillborn daughter and the distraught father’s decision to buy a replacement from a woman in... (full context)