Best Seller


P.G. Wodehouse

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Egbert Mulliner

Egbert, the nephew of narrator Mr. Mulliner, is the story’s protagonist. He is an assistant editor with an aversion to female novelists, whose work he views as clichéd and badly written. At the beginning… read analysis of Egbert Mulliner

Evangeline Pembury

Egbert’s fiancée, Evangeline, inspired by her love for him, writes a novel. It’s horrible—at once unoriginal and poorly written—but becomes a best seller nonetheless. At first, Evangeline isn’t sure how to handle her success—she… read analysis of Evangeline Pembury

Jno. Henderson Banks

Evangeline’s literary agent, Banks is handsome, fashionable, and overly reverential toward his female clients. Egbert becomes jealous when Evangeline begins to spend much of her time with Banks. It is Banks who arranges for… read analysis of Jno. Henderson Banks

Mr. Mulliner

Egbert Mulliner’s uncle. Upon learning that Miss Postlethwaite is reading Rue for Remembrance, he tells the story of Egbert and Evangeline to the other patrons at the Angler’s Rest. It’s clear from his… read analysis of Mr. Mulliner
Minor Characters
Miss Postlethwaite
The barmaid at the Angler’s Rest. Overcome by emotion while reading Rue for Remembrance, she sniffles, drawing the attention of Mr. Mulliner and the other patrons. Miss Postlethwaite represents the reading public, whose fickle and sentimental tastes determine which books are commercially successful.