Nnedi Okorafor

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An astrolabe is electronic device akin to a cellphone. In addition to allowing people to communicate, astrolabes also contain their owner’s entire past, possible futures, and family history. In Binti’s world, they act as… read analysis of Astrolabe


A Bitolu is a person, like Binti and her father, who is gifted with knowledge of “deep mathematics.” read analysis of Bitolu


Edan is a general term for an electronic device that’s too old to be useable; Binti’s edan, which she can’t figure out how to use for much of her life, suddenly allows her… read analysis of Edan


The Himba are an indigenous ethnic group that inhabits Northern Namibia in Southern Africa; Binti and her family are Himba. Like their real-world counterparts, the Himba in the novel cover their skin and hair in… read analysis of Himba


The Khoush are the majority ethnic group in Binti’s world on Earth. They’re lighter-skinned than the Himba and they’re mostly city-dwellers. Men wear all black, while women wear white garments with multicolored veils and… read analysis of Khoush
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The Meduse are a race of beings in the galaxy of the novella. They look like large, translucent jellyfish and are universally feared due to their instant and bloody method of killing groups, known as… read analysis of Meduse

Moojh-ha ki-bira

Moojh-ha ki-bira is the Meduse method of killing many people at once; they infiltrate a ship and with their poisonous stingers, kill everyone in an instant. It’s a Khoush term that means “great wave,” as… read analysis of Moojh-ha ki-bira


Treeing is a mental math exercise that entails halving complex equations. Binti does the exercise to calm herself, and she also trees competitively with her friends. read analysis of Treeing