Black Diggers

Black Diggers


Tom Wright

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Bertie’s Circus Show

When Bertie asks his mother to forge his birthdate so that he can appear old enough to sign up for the military, she reluctantly agrees only after comparing the war and the world to the…

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The Lock of Frank’s Hair

In 1916 at the battle of Pozieres, Bertie and Tommy watch another Indigenous soldier, Frank, die on the battlefield. They are unable to understand his last words and worry that his soul will get…

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Ern’s Bullet Shards

In a long monologue set in 1956 near the end of the play, Ern explained that he returned to Australia and overcame much of his trauma from the war until World War Two, when his…

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Letters appear frequently throughout Black Diggers, from Archie’s periodic writings for Auntie May, to the scene in the second act when a number of anonymous letters fall from the sky, to Bertie

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