Black Elk Speaks


John G. Neihardt

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General George Custer Character Analysis

Custer was commander of U.S. Seventh Cavalry, who were defeated in Battle of Little Big Horn. The Lakota call Custer Pahuska, which is the Lakota word for “Long Hair.” In the summer of 1874, Custer led an expedition into the Black Hills which resulted in the discovery of gold, which led to an influx of illegal Wasichu mining activity in an area that had been allotted to the Sioux in the Fort Laramie Treaty in 1868.
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General George Custer Character Timeline in Black Elk Speaks

The timeline below shows where the character General George Custer appears in Black Elk Speaks. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 7: Wasichus in the Hills
Nature Theme Icon
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
...They continue toward Smoky Earth River. Later on, Black Elk learns that it was Pahuska (Custer) and his soldiers who were in the Black Hills and who had no right to... (full context)
Chapter 9: The Rubbing Out of Long Hair
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
...the Hunkpapa camp. Standing Bear’s group moves out to meet the second band of soldiers—General Custer’s. A crazy, chaotic battle ensues. Standing Bear’s group mistakenly scalps a friend’s corpse. The warriors... (full context)