Black Elk Speaks


John G. Neihardt

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The Crow are a Plains tribe. They were enemies of the Sioux during the timespan Black Elk covers in his narrative.
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Crow Term Timeline in Black Elk Speaks

The timeline below shows where the term Crow appears in Black Elk Speaks. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2: Early Boyhood
Nature Theme Icon
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
...the Popping Trees (December) on the Little Powder River in the Winter When the Four Crows Were Killed (1863). When he was three years old, his father broke his leg in... (full context)
Chapter 6: High Horse’s Courting
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
...Red Deer accompanies him. After several days on the war path, they stumble upon a Crow camp. Once it is dark, they steal the Crows’ horses. The boys return to their... (full context)
Chapter 7: Wasichus in the Hills
The Transformative Power of Ceremony  Theme Icon
...up camp on the Powder River, they take extra precautions to protect themselves against the Crows, building a corral for their horses to protect them from the Crows, who were known... (full context)
Chapter 8: The Fight with Three Stars
The Loss of Culture and Community  Theme Icon
...describes the scene: two parties set out to fight the Wasichus, who were joined by Crow and Shoshone Indians. A fierce battle ensued. Iron Hawk’s pony was injured, so he retreated... (full context)