Black Skin, White Masks


Frantz Fanon

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Id, Ego, Superego Term Analysis

The terms “id,” “ego,” and “superego” were invented by Sigmund Freud to describe what he understood to be the structure of the psyche. The “id” refers to a person’s primal impulses and instincts, the “superego” is the critical, ethical part of the mind, and the ego is the part in the middle that manages the competing aims of the id and the superego.
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Id, Ego, Superego Term Timeline in Black Skin, White Masks

The timeline below shows where the term Id, Ego, Superego appears in Black Skin, White Masks. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2: The Woman of Color and the White Man
Colonialism, Diaspora, and Alienation Theme Icon
Material vs. Psychological Oppression Theme Icon
Knowledge vs. Ignorance Theme Icon
Self-Image and Self-Hatred Theme Icon
Desire, Aspiration, and Competition Theme Icon
...white herself. However, she is not accepted by white society because of her race. Fanon considers ideas that associate whiteness with virtue and beauty, and blackness with the earth, the cosmos,... (full context)