Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions


Kurt Vonnegut

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George Hickman Bannister Character Analysis

A local Midland City high school student who is killed playing football on Thanksgiving Day. George’s tombstone, a towering sixty-two-foot obelisk with a football on top, is the largest in Midland City’s cemetery. For years, The George Hickman Bannister law prohibited any structures taller than the obelisk to be built in Midland City, but the law is “junked” to allow for radio towers. The local high school fieldhouse and the theater are both named for Bannister as well, and while both buildings still stand, almost no one remembers the high school football player. George Hickman Bannister reflects Vonnegut’s claim that in some cases, gone really does mean forgotten.
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George Hickman Bannister Character Timeline in Breakfast of Champions

The timeline below shows where the character George Hickman Bannister appears in Breakfast of Champions. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 15
Capitalism and Consumerism Theme Icon
The Bannister Memorial Fieldhouse is named for George Hickman Bannister , a local high school kid who was killed playing football on Thanksgiving Day. George’s... (full context)