Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions


Kurt Vonnegut

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Josephus Hoobler Character Analysis

The original owner of Bluebird Farm, the property currently owned by Dwayne Hoover and his family. Josephus was a freed slave who purchased the farm after moving North to work in the factories. His descendants ran the farm until the bank foreclosed on the mortgage during the Depression. A wealthy white man bought the farm, but he lost it in an out-of-court settlement with Dwayne’s stepfather after running him over with his car.
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Josephus Hoobler Character Timeline in Breakfast of Champions

The timeline below shows where the character Josephus Hoobler appears in Breakfast of Champions. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 13
Race and Racism Theme Icon
...City. The property, known as Bluebird Farm, was originally owned by a freed slave name Josephus Hoobler . Josephus’s descendants ran the farm until the Great Depression when it was foreclosed on... (full context)