Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions


Kurt Vonnegut

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Kyle Hoover Character Analysis

Lyle Hoover’s twin brother and Dwayne Hoover’s stepbrother. Kyle and Lyle are the biological children of Dwayne’s adoptive parents, who hadn’t been able to conceive until after they adopted Dwayne, a “common phenomenon” it seems. As babies, Kyle and Lyle would “suck each other’s thumbs,” and they still live next door to each other in identical ranch houses. Kyle is the quiet twin, and he “hasn’t spoken a thousand words since 1954.” Together with Dwayne, Kyle and Lyle run the Sacred Miracle Cave, a local tourist attraction that is being taken over by the toxic industrial waste from Barrytron, Ltd. As the waste fills the cave and threatens to cripple their business, Lyle and Kyle respond by opening fire on it with Browning Automatic Shotguns. Of course, this only makes the problem worse, but Kyle and Lyle don’t care about the environment—they only care about the cave because it is their sole source of income. Their ridiculous solution only addresses the pollution that threatens their cave, not the source of the pollution, which reflects the efforts of those in mainstream American society who refuse to confront environmental problems directly and instead treat only the symptoms of pollution.
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Kyle Hoover Character Timeline in Breakfast of Champions

The timeline below shows where the character Kyle Hoover appears in Breakfast of Champions. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 13
Mental Health Theme Icon
...the least bit nutty out of here.” Francine agrees and tells Dwayne that the twins, Kyle and Lyle, are waiting in his inner office. They have come to talk about a... (full context)
Mental Health Theme Icon
Kyle and Lyle are Dwayne’s twin stepbrothers, and the three of them jointly own the Sacred... (full context)
The Destruction of the Planet Theme Icon
Lyle and Kyle had taken their Browning Automatic Shotguns and riddled the cave with shotgun shells, but it... (full context)