Brokeback Mountain


Annie Proulx

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Brokeback Mountain Characters

Ennis del Mar

Ennis was born in Wyoming, near the Utah border, around the time of World War II. Raised on a small ranch, his parents died when he was young, and his brother and sister raised him… read analysis of Ennis del Mar

Jack Twist

Jack was born in Lightning Flat, Wyoming, around the time of World War II. His parents are ranchers, and he worked on Brokeback Mountain one summer prior to meeting Ennis. Like Ennis, he had… read analysis of Jack Twist

Joe Aguirre

Joe Aguirre employs Jack and Ennis to work on Brokeback Mountain during the summer of 1963. He is a surly man, who looks down upon the young men who come and work for him. He… read analysis of Joe Aguirre

Alma Beers

Alma marries Ennis del Mar during the fall of 1963. She gives birth to their first daughter, Alma Jr., and a few years later, to Francine. She dislikes Ennis’s predilection for low-paying ranch work… read analysis of Alma Beers
Minor Characters
Alma Jr. and Francine
Ennis and Alma’s two daughters.
Jack’s wife, daughter of a wealthy farm-machinery businessman from Texas.