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Liz’s boss. In the morning, he reminds her of a meeting they have to attend and says, “See, got to crack the whip now. Got to get you back into gear again.” Frank is not a bad person, but his words highlight Liz’s discomfort with being back in the office. Knowing the adjusting to coming back to work must be difficult for Liz, he attempts to be supportive and makes a sympathetic comment about the difficulty of going into a meeting. However, Liz mistakes it for a comment about the difficulties of leaving a child at childcare. She becomes very emotional thinking about abandoning Daniel and is embarrassed when Frank clarifies he was talking about work, not her son. Frank means well but is clueless about how Liz is actually feeling, and their exchange emphasizes her profound sense of alienation.

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Scribe edition of Cake published in 2012.
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‘That’s what I mean. Having to walk into a room full of pretty competitive strangers, all with their own agendas. That’s a bit of a tough gauntlet to run, doing it cold like that, getting thrown into the mix.’

Related Characters: Frank (speaker), Liz
Page Number: 163
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...but they tell her they’ll provide one anyway to celebrate Dave’s upcoming birthday. Liz’s boss, Frank, reminds her about the meeting they have to attend in the afternoon. He jokes that... (full context)
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Motherhood Theme Icon
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Later that day, Liz heads to an important meeting and her boss, Frank, asks her if she is feeling well about the “hard adjustment” of entering a room... (full context)