Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Roald Dahl

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Chapter 20 Summary & Analysis

Mr. Wonka leads everyone to a huge machine. He presses three buttons and the machine shakes, fills a tub with brightly colored liquid, and then froths. Then, it sucks the mixture in and with a groan, a drawer opens. There’s a small gray strip in the drawer. Mike Teavee is disgusted that that’s all the machine made, but Violet says she knows what it is: gum. Mr. Wonka says that she’s right.
This entire chapter is intended to draw readers in and delight them: with the press of a few buttons, the machine makes interesting noises, swirls around bright colors, and shakes. The whole process is absurd, especially since what comes out is a gray piece of gum—but it’s nonetheless fun and intriguing for the characters (and readers) to experience.
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