Chike’s School Days


Chinua Achebe

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Chike’s School Days Characters


The main character of the story, Chike is a young boy who is just at the age to start school. He is the firstborn son to his parents, Amos and Sarah, after five girls… (read full character analysis)


Chike’s father. Amos, originally, was a member of the powerful “free-born” social group in the village, but because he chose to marry Sarah, a woman of the lowest-ranking Osu class, he is no… (read full character analysis)


Chike’s mother. Sarah belongs to the Osu, the lowest social class in the village. However, she has converted to Christianity and no longer believes in the traditional Igbo system. Her newfound beliefs allowed… (read full character analysis)


Amos’s mother. Like her son, Elizabeth converted to Christianity, presumably thanks to Mr. Brown’s influence. However, it is clear that she still invests in traditional religion and social structures when she reacts negatively… (read full character analysis)

The Diviner

A practitioner of the traditional Igbo religion, the diviner is seen as a wise and powerful man by the people of the village—at least, by those that haven’ t converted to Christianity yet. When Elizabeth(read full character analysis)
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Mr. Brown

An English Christian missionary who works in the village, Mr. Brown isn’t as appealing to the people for his religious teachings. Rather, they are interested in him due to the clinical dispensary he runs. Like… (read full character analysis)

The Schoolteacher

Notorious among the village schoolchildren for beating students with his cane, the schoolteacher provides Chike and his peers with their first introduction to the English language. For younger students, the schoolteacher instructs songs about the… (read full character analysis)