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Chinua Achebe

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Elizabeth Character Analysis

Amos’s mother. Like her son, Elizabeth converted to Christianity, presumably thanks to Mr. Brown’s influence. However, it is clear that she still invests in traditional religion and social structures when she reacts negatively to Amos’s decision to marry Sarah, an Osu. When she learned this, Elizabeth went to village diviner to perform a ritual that would make her son come to his senses. Even though the ritual does not work, Elizabeth leaves Christianity to return to her traditional Igbo faith.

Elizabeth Quotes in Chike’s School Days

The Chike’s School Days quotes below are all either spoken by Elizabeth or refer to Elizabeth. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Colonialism as a Form of Violence  Theme Icon
Chike’s School Days Quotes

A few days later he told his widowed mother, who had recently been converted to Christianity and had taken the name of Elizabeth. The shock nearly killed her. When she recovered, she went down on her knees and begged Amos not to do this thing. But he would not hear; his ears had been nailed up.

Related Characters: Amos, Sarah, Elizabeth
Page Number: 39
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The diviner was a man of great power and wisdom.

Related Characters: Amos, Sarah, Elizabeth, The Diviner, Mr. Brown
Page Number: 39
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Old Elizabeth performed the rites, but her son remained insane and married an Osu girl whose name was Sarah. Old Elizabeth renounced her new religion and returned to the faith of her people.

Related Characters: Amos, Sarah, Elizabeth, The Diviner
Page Number: 39
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Elizabeth Character Timeline in Chike’s School Days

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Chike’s School Days
Language and the Struggle to Create Meaning Theme Icon
Family and Community Theme Icon
When Amos’s mother, Elizabeth, heard about her son’s plan to marry an Osu, she refused to go down without... (full context)