Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone


Tomi Adeyemi

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Children of Blood and Bone: Chapter Sixteen Summary & Analysis

Inan and Kaea arrive at Sokto. Inan feels exhausted and tense from concealing his new identity. Inan watches as a mother glares fiercely at the guards, holding an infant to her chest. He feels shocked to realize how much she fears them.
As he leaves the seclusion of the palace, Inan slowly begins to see the true effects that Saran’s policies have wrought. Rather than creating peace, Saran has created fear and animosity.
Prejudice and Inequality Theme Icon
Inan and Kaea search the tent of a merchant, and find Amari’s headdress. Inan’s heart is in his throat as he remembers the day he cut Amari’s back, when Binta slipped into the infirmary and brought the old headdress to comfort Amari. Inan thinks that Amari must be dead to have parted with her most treasured possession.
Because of his overwhelming fear and loyalty to his father, Inan did something totally abhorrent and went against his own beliefs by hurting his sister.
Duty to Family vs. Self Theme Icon
Inan threatens the merchant until he reveals that he saw the two girls headed for Chândomblé. When the merchant tries to flee, Kaea kills him, and Inan feels a shock of horror.
Inan, wanting to avenge the violence that he believes was perpetrated against Amari, threatens violence against the merchant. However, Inan is horrified when Kaea actually kills the merchant, which suggests that Inan is comfortable with threats of violence but can’t stomach the violence itself.
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