Clybourne Park


Bruce Norris

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An international charitable organization with local offices, called Rotary Clubs, which became centers of middle class social life in post World War II America. Rotary Clubs in America were predominantly composed of white men, and women were not allowed until the 1980s unless they were spouses of the members. The Rotary club was central to Bev and Russ’s social life before the death of their son caused Russ to withdraw.
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Rotary Term Timeline in Clybourne Park

The timeline below shows where the term Rotary appears in Clybourne Park. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1
Disability and Inclusion Theme Icon
...After another silence, Bev starts to remember, out loud, a joke Russ told at the Rotary last year. She tells Russ that he’s funny, but he rejects the compliment. Bev wonders... (full context)
Neighborhoods and Ownership Theme Icon
Disability and Inclusion Theme Icon
...tells Francine that she’ll call Karl back, and promptly returns to the topic of the Rotary Club. She doesn’t understand why Russ refuses to go, and why he doesn’t care that... (full context)
Race and Racism Theme Icon
Neighborhoods and Ownership Theme Icon
Communication and Miscommunication Theme Icon
...sarcastically tells Karl he can make copies of the letter and hand it out at Rotary, saying “Rotary news: Kid comes back from Korea, goes upstairs and wraps an extension cord... (full context)