Dave Cullen

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Columbine: Chapter 6 Summary & Analysis

Dylan enjoys his night out at prom—his date is beautiful, his friend group takes a stretch limo to Denver, and Dylan is in a “great mood,” “insist[ing]” to his friends that they all need to “stay in touch” once they scatter for college in the fall. While Dylan is at prom, Eric has Susan over to watch a cheesy movie. The two have a quiet night in, listening to music. Eric does not make a move to kiss Susan, and she leaves around eleven. Prom is “standard,” and Mr. D is “relie[ved]” when the evening goes off without a hitch. The Columbine gym is outfitted for afterprom—Dylan and his group of friends attend, and Dylan talks with them all night about college and his future.
In this chapter, Cullen highlights the appearance of normalcy that characterized the weekend of prom—the weekend before the shooting. Everything is a “standard” affair, and Dylan and Eric seem to be enjoying themselves, even as they continue to plan a violent and destructive massacre of their friends, teachers, and classmates. Dylan looks toward the future, seemingly never betraying the fact that he knows he will be dead in just a couple of days. 
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