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Phil Duran Character Analysis

A former Blackjack employee who once went to a shooting range with Eric and Dylan. Eventually, after investigators (with the help of Chris Morris) lock onto Duran, it is revealed that Duran put the boys in touch with Mark Manes—the man who sold them the TEC-9. Duran told investigators that though he “relay[ed] some of the money,” he earned nothing on the deal.
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Phil Duran Character Timeline in Columbine

The timeline below shows where the character Phil Duran appears in Columbine. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 17: The Sheriff
Memory, Bearing Witness, Trauma, and Testimony Theme Icon
...Eric and Dylan were looking for guns and ordnance, and that he suspects someone named Phil Duran , a former coworker at Blackjack, of having helped them acquire the weapons. (full context)
Chapter 30: Telling Us Why
Violence and Spectacle Theme Icon
Memory, Bearing Witness, Trauma, and Testimony Theme Icon
...he is one of the shooters’ conspirators—agrees to a wiretap to help officials “smoke out Phil Duran .” Over the course of a long and tense phone call, as the FBI listens... (full context)
Chapter 48: An Emotion of God  
Violence and Spectacle Theme Icon
Eric and Dylan hike to Rampart Range for “target practice,” and bring Mark Manes, Phil Duran , and Mark’s girlfriend along with them. They take videos of themselves shooting bowling pins... (full context)