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British Captains Character Analysis

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In the battle, the British Captains establish that Lucius was taken captive, and they remark on the valor of Belarius, Guiderius, and Arviragus as fighters. They discover Posthumus in his Roman uniform and take him as a prisoner to Cymbeline, who does not recognize his son-in-law and sends him to jail.
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British Captains Character Timeline in Cymbeline

The timeline below shows where the character British Captains appears in Cymbeline. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 5, Scene 3
The Gods and Fate Theme Icon
As Posthumus muses on the battle, British captains and soldiers enter. The first captain praises the gods that the Roman commander, Lucius, was... (full context)
Imperialism vs. Independence Theme Icon
The first captain notices Posthumus, and asks him for his identity. Posthumus answers that he is a Roman,... (full context)
Forgiveness and Reconciliation Theme Icon
Cymbeline, Belarius, Guiderius, Arviragus, Pisanio, soldiers and attendants enter with Roman captives. The British captains present Posthumus to Cymbeline. The King passes Posthumus off to a jailer, and the whole... (full context)