Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano De Bergerac


Edmond Rostand

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Cyrano De Bergerac: Act 2, Scene 5 Summary & Analysis

Cyrano sits in the shop. Suddenly, Roxane walks in, wearing a mask and accompanied by the Duenna. Cyrano greets the Duenna and offers her some cakes and pastries (Ragueneau isn’t present to protest). Cyrano invites the Duenna to eat the cakes outside, and then pushes her out the door. He is now alone with Roxane in the shop.
Cyrano smoothly gets the Duenna out the door by giving her cakes (even Cyrano isn’t above stealing from his good friend). The scene is now set perfectly: Roxane is all alone with Cyrano, ready to tell him her secret.
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