Dear Justyce

Dear Justyce


Nic Stone

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Aunt Tiff Character Analysis

Aunt Tiff is Manny’s mother and Quan’s aunt, though he only meets her once. She and her family live in a wealthy part of Atlanta, and the one time that Quan meets Aunt Tiff she’s well put-together and glamorous. Tiff and Mama are half-sisters, but they didn’t know the other existed until Tiff’s mother died and the women’s shared father admitted to having relationships with multiple women. Mama seems to resent Aunt Tiff for having grown up with their father and for living a life that’s so different from her own.
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Aunt Tiff Character Timeline in Dear Justyce

The timeline below shows where the character Aunt Tiff appears in Dear Justyce. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Snapshot: Two Boys Not Speaking (2013)
Survival, Poverty, and Violence Theme Icon
...idea what to say to his cousin Manny. They live in different universes. Manny’s mama, Aunt Tiff , is Mama’s older half-sister. They didn’t know the other existed until Mama’s mother died... (full context)
Survival, Poverty, and Violence Theme Icon
...knew that Quan started calculating all the things he could buy with just one of Aunt Tiff ’s sparkly rings. (full context)
Chapter 4: Defiance
Identity, Support, and Community Theme Icon
Family, Loyalty, and Belonging Theme Icon
Survival, Poverty, and Violence Theme Icon
...sure if Dwight even has family to take in Dasia and Gabe. He’s sure that Aunt Tiff won’t want them. It seems like there’s nothing he can do. Dwight has been calling... (full context)