Death and the Maiden


Ariel Dorfman

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Death and the Maiden Characters

Paulina Salas

Paulina Salas is a woman of around forty years who is married to Gerardo Escobar. From the beginning of the play it’s clear that Paulina is agitated and traumatized by something in her past… read analysis of Paulina Salas

Gerardo Escobar

Gerardo is Paulina’s husband, a man of around forty-five. He has just been appointed by the country’s new president to be the head of an “Investigate Commission” that will look into human rights atrocities… read analysis of Gerardo Escobar

Roberto Miranda

Roberto is the enigmatic and mysterious doctor who helps Gerardo on the road when his car breaks down. When he then visits Gerardo and Paulina’s beach house to congratulate Gerardo on his appointment to… read analysis of Roberto Miranda