Death of a Salesman


Arthur Miller

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Death of a Salesman Characters

Willy Loman

The salesman of the title, and the husband of Linda. We never learn what he sells, but he has thoroughly bought into a version of the American Dream in which charisma and luck count… read analysis of Willy Loman

Biff Loman

Willy and Linda's elder son. He has always been in the shadow of his father's expectations for him, beginning with his starred career as a high school football player and prospective college student. At that… read analysis of Biff Loman

Linda Loman

Willy's wife. She remains devoted to him even as he betrays her at two major points during the play: committing adultery with The Woman as a younger man, and committing suicide with the deluded belief… read analysis of Linda Loman

Happy Loman

Willy and Linda's younger son. He is the assistant to an assistant manager at a department store, and is always willing to do whatever is convenient: be duplicitous to his family, take bribes at work… read analysis of Happy Loman

Ben Loman

Willy's adventurous brother, who has just died in Africa when the play begins. At moments of great stress or doubt, Willy converses with Ben's ghost. Ben is the embodiment of the most old-fashioned aspect of… read analysis of Ben Loman
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Willy's neighbor, a steady businessman. He is a constant friend to Willy through the years, though Willy is quick to take offense whenever Charley tries to bring Willy's unrealistic dreams down to earth. Charley foresees… read analysis of Charley

Howard Wagner

Willy's boss and the son of Frank Wagner, who founded the company for which Willy works. A cold, selfish man, he inherits his success without building anything himself. He refuses to take the personal association… read analysis of Howard Wagner
Minor Characters
Charley's son, he is studious and hardworking. As a boy in high school, he warns Biff not to flunk math, a warning both Biff and Willy ignore. He grows up to be a successful lawyer who is about to argue a case before the Supreme Court.
The Woman
Willy's mistress in Boston, during the time that Biff and Happy were in high school. She is a secretary to one of the buyers, and picked Willy as a lover because, it seems, she is able to exploit him for gifts.
A waiter at Frank's Chop House, who is friendly with Happy but has sympathy for Willy's plight.
Miss Forsythe
A call girl Biff and Happy met at Frank's Chop House.
A call girl friend of Miss Forsythe.
Charley's secretary.
Bill Oliver
Biff's former boss. Though crucial to the plot, he doesn't appear onstage.