Désirée’s Baby


Kate Chopin

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Stone pillar

Monsieur Valmondé discovers baby Désirée in the shadow of a stone pillar at the gate of his plantation. The baby’s position in the shadows of this pillar symbolizes her mysterious origins. Her past is shadowed… read analysis of Stone pillar

Fine clothes

Armand orders fine clothes and ladies’ accessories for Désirée from Paris when he wishes to marry her. These fine objects symbolize Armand’s wealth and influence, as well as the material transaction that is taking place… read analysis of Fine clothes


The plantation house that belongs to the Aubigny family exhibits physical characteristics that symbolize the unhappiness that has occurred and will occur in the home. Madame Valmondé notices the house’s somber appearance when she goes… read analysis of L’Abri

The Bonfire

At the end of the story, Armand burns Désirée’s possessions. The bonfire symbolizes both Armand’s anger and desire to rid himself of Désirée, as well as his passion for his lost wife, which was… read analysis of The Bonfire