Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Jeff Kinney

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: June Summary & Analysis

Friday. Since getting the Cheese Touch, life hasn’t been too bad for Greg. He and Rowley are friends again, and he didn’t have to square dance in P.E. because no one would partner up with him. The school yearbook finally comes out, and the “Class Clown” is not Greg but Rowley. Greg throws the yearbook in the trash. He is jealous but somewhat good-natured, and writes that he would only ever tell people about the Cheese incident if Rowley got “too big for his britches.”
It turns out that having the Cheese Touch is not in fact the disaster that Greg feared. He loses his chance at popularity but re-gains the friendship of Rowley, which ultimately means more to him than social status. This suggests that Greg is maturing and growing into a more loyal friend, since he increasingly values the important people in his life, like Rowley, rather than looking for the approval of his wider peer group.
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