Don’t Call Me Ishmael


Michael Gerard Bauer

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Peter Chung Character Analysis

Peter Chung is a player on the St. Daniel’s football team. He’s a poor player, and it sometimes seems like he’s not sure how exactly football works—but he is an extremely fast runner. So, when the team gets him the ball during the final game against Churchill Grammar, Peter manages to evade Frankie Crow and score a touchdown, winning the game for St. Daniel’s.
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Peter Chung Character Timeline in Don’t Call Me Ishmael

The timeline below shows where the character Peter Chung appears in Don’t Call Me Ishmael. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 19
Bullying and Courage Theme Icon
The Power of Language Theme Icon
...clearly tired. For no apparent reason, Coach Hardcastle replaces the team’s best wide receiver with Peter Chung, who’s well-liked but a poor player. His only skill is being able to run.... (full context)
Identity and Coming of Age Theme Icon
Bullying and Courage Theme Icon
Friendship Theme Icon
The Power of Language Theme Icon
...minute left, St. Daniel’s lines up for what Ishmael knows will be a pass to Peter. Scobie stands up and starts shouting lines from his poem—and Peter takes off. He and... (full context)