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The Teacher Character Analysis

One of Yunior’s teachers in high school who made the class watch space shuttle launches. The teacher would explain to the students that their own success as children was much like that of the shuttle: only some would have the momentum necessary to reach their goal, while the majority would simply burn out. Yunior explains that this early lack of confidence in him made him imagine that his momentum was already lost.

The Teacher Quotes in Drown

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Riverhead edition of Drown published in 1996.
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One teacher, whose family had two grammar schools named after it, compared us to the shuttles. A few of you are going to make it. Those are the orbiters. But the majority of you are just going to burn out. Going nowhere. He dropped his hand onto the desk. I could already see myself losing altitude, fading, the earth spread out beneath me, hard and bright.

Related Characters: Yunior (speaker), The Teacher
Page Number: 106
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The Teacher Character Timeline in Drown

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...of Beto leaving for college, Yunior thinks back to a time when his high school teachers made his class watch the space shuttle launch from Florida. The teacher compared each student... (full context)