Bene Gesserit

An ancient and powerful matriarchal order operating on values of secrecy, whose members are accomplished in mental and physical training. Bene Gesseit sisters can wield control over others using tonal controls learned in their practice… (read full term analysis)

Butlerian Jihad

Humankind’s epic crusade against, and ultimate triumph over, computers and thinking machines (intelligent and sentient machines that were created in the form of a human mind). (read full term analysis)


Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles. A corporation that is overtly controlled by the Padishah Emperor and Great Houses, while secretly also controlled by the Guild and Bene Gesserit. The corporation controls the universe’s… (read full term analysis)

Great Houses

The Great Houses are the most powerful houses in the Imperium. In theory, the Great Houses are a key element in the workable feudal model that governs the Imperium. However, many Great Houses misuse… (read full term analysis)


Also known as the Spacing Guild. The Guild controls interstellar travel because its Guild Navigators are the only beings with the ability to “fold space.” This monopoly allows the Guild great political and financial leverage… (read full term analysis)
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Imperial Conditioning

A seemingly absolute conditioning against taking human life, Imperial Conditioning is taught at Suk Medical Schools. An individual who has received Imperial Conditioning is marked by a diamond tattoo on their forehead and wears their… (read full term analysis)


The galactic Padishah Empire under the rule of House Corrino. Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV is the current head of the Imperium and therefore the ruler of the universe. Realistically, though, galactic power is held in… (read full term analysis)

Kwisatz Haderach

A male individual of the highest mental powers who will be the result of Bene Gesserit genetic breeding. The individual will be able access higher powers of cognition, including prescience, with the name “Kwisatz Haderach”… (read full term analysis)


The body that represents all of the Great Houses in the Imperium. (read full term analysis)


Individuals who are trained in supreme logic and rationality to become the best of humankind in terms of cognitive and analytical abilities. They are known as “human computers” and take the place of computers and… (read full term analysis)


Renowned fighters, Sardaukar are the Padishah Emperor’s soldier-fanatics and ultimate military force. Their background and training is shrouded in secrecy, and their fighting style is emphasized by a ruthlessness and single-minded devotion to the… (read full term analysis)


A Fremen community. (read full term analysis)

Water of Life

A sandworm’s liquid exhalation when it drowns, this substance is used in a ritual for Fremen to determine their Reverend Mothers. The ritual is called the spice agony, and a Fremen candidate must successfully alter… (read full term analysis)