East of Eden


John Steinbeck

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East of Eden: Chapter 52 Summary & Analysis

Adam Trask is deeply confused by his son’s sudden departure. His eyes begin to fail him, and he has tingling in one of his hands. Cal worries for his father’s health, and asks Lee after a couple of months if they ought to call a doctor. Lee changes the subject and asks about Abra. Lee misses her, and tells Cal to send her to come see him again.
Time is taking its toll on Adam as well. A mysterious illness begins to become noticeable in him. Lee’s deflection suggests that he is protecting Cal from something. Lee’s inquiry about Abra demonstrates his almost familial concern and love for her—he misses her.
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Cal catches up with Abra the next day. They have not talked in a while, and Abra tells Cal she has stopped loving Aron. In fact she has not loved him for quite some time. Abra agrees to go visit Lee the next day.
Abra and Aron never had a fully formed loving relationship, for he never saw her as her own person. Her final acceptance of this opens her up to Cal’s love.
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