Raymond Carver

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The Narrator

The story’s unnamed narrator is a working-class man with an unspecified factory job. He works very hard, lives alone, and he’s always sending checks to his mother, ex-wife, daughter, son, and brotherread analysis of The Narrator


Billy is the narrator’s brother, who is in rough financial shape. At the beginning of the story, he asks the narrator for money because he recently got laid off from his job at a… read analysis of Billy

The Narrator’s Mother

The narrator’s mother is another recipient of the narrator’s monthly checks. Now in her 70s, she’s retired and she suffers from an unspecified illness, so she relies on the narrator’s financial support. While she… read analysis of The Narrator’s Mother

The Narrator’s Daughter

The narrator’s daughter is another person whom the narrator financially supports. She lives with her two kids and deadbeat husband in a trailer, and she keeps telling the narrator that she just needs a little… read analysis of The Narrator’s Daughter

The Narrator’s Son

The narrator’s son is also on the narrator’s “payroll.” He goes to college in New Hampshire, for which he’s accrued a large amount of debt. He believes that America is a materialist society where… read analysis of The Narrator’s Son
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