Evans Tries an O-Level


Colin Dexter

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Evans Tries an O-Level Characters

The Governor

The Governor of HM Prison, Oxford is a proud, no-nonsense man and the protagonist of the story. When James Evans breaks out of three prisons and is eventually sent to Oxford Prison, the Governor is… read analysis of The Governor

James Evans

Known to prison officers as “Evans the Break,” antagonist James Evans is a “congenital kleptomaniac” who’s escaped three times from various prisons. He’s now a prisoner at HM Prison Oxford, which is overseen by theread analysis of James Evans

Reverend Stuart McLeery

Reverend Stuart McLeery, a parson at St. Mary Mags, is sent to Oxford Prison to act as a proctor for Evans’s O-level German exam. He has a short, choppy haircut and wears a clerical… read analysis of Reverend Stuart McLeery


Jackson is the senior prison officer at Oxford Prison, which is overseen by the Governor. A World War II veteran, Jackson stands “ramrod straight” and displays his war medals on his jacket pocket. He… read analysis of Jackson


Stephens is new to his post as an officer at Oxford Prison, where he reports to the senior prison officer, Jackson. Stephens is a “burly, surly-looking man,” who is supposed to sit in Evansread analysis of Stephens
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The Assistant Secretary

The supposed Assistant Secretary of the Examinations Board has “a special responsibility for modern languages.” He calls the Governor midway through Evans’s German exam to explain that the exam sheet has a few typographical… read analysis of The Assistant Secretary

The Silent Prison Officer

The silent prison officer who escorts McLeery inside the prison initially seems inconsequential, but is later revealed to be one of Evans’s many accomplices. The officer is either posing as another prison officer or… read analysis of The Silent Prison Officer

The German Teacher

Evans’s O-level German teacher claims to hail from the Technical College, but the Governor never conducts a background check on him. In actuality, the German teacher is one of Evans’s many “friends,” or accomplices… read analysis of The German Teacher


Detective Superintendent Carter is the first to arrive on the scene after Stephens finds McLeery (who is really Evans in disguise) covered with blood in Evans’s prison cell. The Governor realizes that McLeery is the… read analysis of Carter


Bell is the Detective Chief Inspector at St Aldates Police Station. In the wake of Evans’s escape, the Governor sends Jackson and Stephens to Bell, presumably for questioning. While the two officers are en… read analysis of Bell

The Secretary

The Secretary of the Examinations Board arranges for McLeery to oversee Evans’s exam. Although he’s initially surprised by the Governor’s request to have a prisoner sit for an O-level German exam, the Secretary… read analysis of The Secretary