James Joyce

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Eveline Hill

The protagonist of the story, Eveline is a hard-working Irish woman around age nineteen living with her father in her childhood home in Dublin. She lives a hard life caring for her abusive father and… read analysis of Eveline Hill


Originally from Dublin, but currently a sailor with a home in Buenos Ayres, Frank meets Eveline on a visit to Dublin. Eveline describes him as “kind, manly, open-hearted” and likes hearing his stories about his… read analysis of Frank

Eveline’s Father

Eveline’s father was abusive to her siblings and mother, but spared Eveline when she was young since she was a girl. He used to go searching in the field for her and her… read analysis of Eveline’s Father

Eveline’s Mother

Eveline’s mother made a lot of sacrifices for her husband and family, and according to Eveline, didn’t receive respect from her peers and perhaps had a reputation for having a violent husband. She died… read analysis of Eveline’s Mother

The Children

The relationship between Eveline and the children she cares for is never stated, but she is their caretaker and she is in charge of feeding them and making sure they go to school. They seem… read analysis of The Children
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The Waters, the Dunns, and the Devines

Three families that used to live on Eveline’s street. She mentions playing with children from these families during her childhood, but now the Waters have gone back to England and Tizzie Dunn has died… read analysis of The Waters, the Dunns, and the Devines

Little Keogh the Cripple

Another one of Eveline’s neighbors who used to play in the field. He used to keep watch for Eveline’s father in the field and warn the other children when he was coming. The fact… read analysis of Little Keogh the Cripple
Minor Characters
Eveline’s older brother who is now dead and was too “grown up” to play in the field with her and the other neighbor children when she was little. She mentions that Ernest “had been her favorite.”
The only other sibling that Eveline names. He currently works in “the church decorating business” and is usually away from Dublin, in other parts of Ireland. He sends up money to Eveline’s father.
The Priest
An old friend of Eveline’s father. His picture is currently on their wall. Her father routinely shows the photo to visitors, explaining that the priest is in Melbourne now.
Miss Gavan
The owner of the Stores where Eveline works. She seems to single out Eveline and scrutinize her more heavily in front of customers, which implies that Eveline has a reputation of some kind.