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Jean-Paul Sartre

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Sartre conceives each individual as a “project” because everyone must actively work to build their identity through their actions and commitments throughout their life. The best analogy is a work of art: artists and human subjects start with no predetermined meaning or mission, but rather they develop meaning by creatively constructing a coherent project (a life or a work of art) that expresses that meaning. There is also the second sense of “project”—as a verb, not a noun—in which human life includes a projection of self. People are constantly imagining what they are and will become, and this projection forms each person’s image of their personal human project.

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Man is indeed a project that has a subjective existence, rather unlike that of a patch of moss, a spreading fungus, or a cauliflower. Prior to that projection of the self, nothing exists, not even in divine intelligence, and man shall attain existence only when he is what he projects himself to be—not what he would like to be.

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...meaning of the individual self leads it to ignore the interconnections among people and their projects. The Chrstians’ accusations are, first, the suggestion that existentialism focuses disproportionately on the negative aspects... (full context)
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Sartre turns to the concept of subjectivity and argues that a human subject is a “project”—both in the sense of a continuous undertaking, and in the sense that a person projects... (full context)
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...out his life in it among others, and, eventually, to die in it.” Every human project is a response to these universal conditions and, therefore, everyone can potentially be understood by... (full context)