M. T. Anderson

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Titus, who is referred to by name only a handful of times throughout the book, is the protagonist and narrator of Feed. He acts as the reader’s guide through the terrifying, dystopian world where… read analysis of Titus

Violet Durn

Violet Durn is, along with Titus, one of the novel’s two main characters. An unusually thoughtful young woman, she was homeschooled her entire life, and only got her feed implanted at the age of… read analysis of Violet Durn

Link Arwaker

Link Arwaker is one of Titus’s friends. A rich, spoiled kid from an absurdly wealthy family, Link is unattractive, but he’s used to being treated like royalty nevertheless—since, in the materialist, consumerist society of… read analysis of Link Arwaker


Marty is another one of Titus’s friends. An athletic young man who’s good at “any game,” Marty is similar to Link and Titus insofar as he comes from a rich family, doesn’t have to… read analysis of Marty


Calista is a pretty young woman and a friend of Titus. During her spring break, she travels to the moon, and later she appears at a party with Titus, Marty, and Link (with… read analysis of Calista
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Loga is a minor character in the novel, a friend of Calista and Quendy. She and Titus dated shortly before the novel begins, and like many of Titus’s friends, she often seen at Linkread analysis of Loga


Quendy is the final member of Calista’s group of friends. She’s somewhat shyer than Calista, and she’s perceived as being less attractive, too. Partly as a result, Quendy can be very competitive with Calista… read analysis of Quendy

President Trumbull

President Trumbull, the leader of the United States of America, is mentioned a handful of times, always on feed news. A shockingly inarticulate public speaker, Trumbull seems to be more of a figurehead than an… read analysis of President Trumbull

Dad / Steve

Titus’s dad is depicted as an emotionally distant, vacuous man—in a way, the kind of adult Titus is in grave danger of becoming. He works in banking, and is usually so immersed in talking… read analysis of Dad / Steve

DelGlacey Murdoch

DelGlacey Murdoch is a B-movie actor whose face served as the model for Titus’s own (in the society of Feed, wealthy parents can pay to have their children designed to look like famous… read analysis of DelGlacey Murdoch

Violet’s father

Violet’s father is one of the novel’s most poignant characters. A highly intelligent, often argumentative man, he teaches “dead languages” (mostly computer languages) at a university. He’s extremely critical of his own society, especially the… read analysis of Violet’s father
Minor Characters
Smell Factor
Titus’s little brother, referred to only as Smell Factor, is a peripheral character in the text. He’s usually so immersed in his feed that he has little to no awareness of what’s happening right in front of him, and periodically yells things that make no discernible sense.
Titus’s mom is depicted as an indulgent parent who spoils Titus no matter how badly he has behaved. Titus is vaguely aware that she does something that relates to “design,” but seems not to know much more about her—or even care much about her.