M. T. Anderson

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Feed: Part 3: Sniffling Summary & Analysis

That night, Titus chats Violet. Even over chat, Titus can tell something is wrong. He asks if Violet is crying, and she replies that she is. She says she wishes Titus were lying in bed next to her.
Violet is becoming increasingly emotionally dependent on Titus. It’s clear that the traumatic hacking event on the moon has disturbed her a great deal.
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Then, changing the subject, Violet shows Titus the ads she’s received after her day at the mall. The ads sell her everything from dresses to endoscopy kits. Titus reports, “It was crazy.”
Violet seems to have succeeded in confounding her feed’s taste profiling. Yet this “crazy” array of products isn’t all that different from the crazy arrays of products described elsewhere in the book. Violet’s small act of resistance arguably has no meaningful effect on anything.
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