First They Killed My Father


Loung Ung

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The fourteen-year-old son of Loung, Chou, and Kim’s first foster family in the Vietnamese displaced peoples camp. Loung at first considers Paof the only bright spot in her cruel new foster family because he treats her kindly. One day in the woods, however, Paof attempts to sexually assault Loung. When she slaps him and threatens to tell someone, Paof smugly asserts that no one will believe her and that it is her fault for always tagging along with him. After this incident, Loung vows to stay away from Paof.

Paof Quotes in First They Killed My Father

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Chapter 21 Quotes

He breathes heavily, his wet lips on my cheek. In a surge of anger, I slap him across the face and push him away.

"Leave me alone! Get away from me!" I scream into his face.

"What's the problem, am I not nice to you? You like me, I know you do." He smirks and approaches me again. I want to rip his lips off his face. "Get away or I'll tell on you!"

"All right," he says, and his eyes glare at me. "Who will believe you? It’s your fault anyway, always tagging along and going places with me." Spitting at his feet, I turn and run away. Paof is right: I cannot fight him. I cannot tell anyone—not even Kim and Chou.

Related Characters: Loung Ung (speaker), Paof (speaker)
Page Number: 177
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Chapter 21: The First Foster Family, January 1979
Women’s Treatment in Times of War Theme Icon
The Unbreakable Bonds of Family Theme Icon
...puts it on, but sensing the children’s anger, declares it ugly and tosses it back. Paof, their fourteen-year-old foster brother, is the only one who is kind, though his lingering looks... (full context)