First They Killed My Father


Loung Ung

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Vietnamese Soldier Character Analysis

A young soldier whom Loung, Chou, and Pithy come across while gathering firewood. Having forgotten their canteen, Loung asks the soldier—via gestures, because he does not speak Khmer—if he has any water. The soldier mimes back that he knows where she can get some and tells Loung to follow him. Having lured Loung away from her friends, he begins to scream at her and then takes off his pants. Loung fights back savagely and is able to escape before he can rape her.
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Vietnamese Soldier Character Timeline in First They Killed My Father

The timeline below shows where the character Vietnamese Soldier appears in First They Killed My Father. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 21: The First Foster Family, January 1979
Women’s Treatment in Times of War Theme Icon
One such morning Loung forgets their water canteen. When they come across a Vietnamese soldier in the woods, Loung mimes their need for water and the soldier mimes back for... (full context)